Easy Bead Wreath Decoration

Simple Wreath Bead Christmas Tree Decoration

Probably one of the easiest, quickest Christmas Tree decorations, even kids cane make.


Pipe Cleaner



1. Thread beads on a pipe cleaner.  Allow a small portion of 3-5 cm on one side of the beads and large space on the other side (depending on how large you want the wreath circle to be).

2. Make a circle with the beads and wind the short section of the pipe cleaner over and around the top to form a circle

3.  Make a loop with the long end of pipe cleaner (for hanging) and wind around the top of the wreath to secure.

Easy Christmas Decorations Wreath

Super simple and a heap of these look really cute on a stick Christmas tree feature like this one.

Simple Wreath Bead Christmas Tree Decoration


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