For the Love of Coffee

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Back in September, I wrote a post about the Piazza D’Oro Barista of the Year competition, and the finalists have been announced. Congratulations to:

New South Wales

Apryl Curtin from Bar 2101

Jan Duan from Coffee Fest

Marius Beullens from Margot Espresso


Wael Bou Karroum from Station Stop Café

Alex Petroulias from Urban Chill

Jesse Carrington from Skyblitz Café

Giacomo Dalla- Zuanna from Little Figs Café

Henry Elcheikh from Goldies Café


Alyssa Day from Kedron Wavell Services Club

West Australia

Harrison Lewis from Rydges

The ten national finalists will head to The Barista Workshop in Sydney on the 26th of November to compete in the Piazza D’Oro National Finals so I’ll keep an eye on that and let you know how it goes. This competition is part of Piazza D’Oro’s commitment to training their baristas so they can develop their technical knowledge. And this is behind the delicious coffee I love so well.

When I found out about this initiative, I set myself my own little challenge: the aim was to visit many different Piazza D’Oro cafes on my travels, just because I love coffee AND new places. I believe it’s important to keep doing the things you love when you become a parent, you just sometimes need to find a different way to do them, scale them down a little or weave them into your life in a sustainable way. I wrote about it here. So this coffee thing is an example of me putting it into practice.

Over the last few months, I visited many different cafes using the Piazza D’Oro app to find them. Not only did I feel like I had this secret joy about me, an amazing…well only small really, but still amazing thing happened. Let me take you on some of my travels:

Going Home from Holidays

My first stop on my challenge was on our way back from holidays at the Sunshine Coast. I love sipping on coffee in the car. It’s like a little luxury.


On my way to a family day out

Setting my day up well. 

for the love of coffee

On My Way to the Country

I headed out to visit my cousin with my kids on this particular day. I drove through the city and stopped off near the Brisbane River at a café. I have a close relationship with my cousins and we have kids the same age so that’s special.

for the love of coffee

Shopping for Birthday Dinner

It was my husband’s birthday and it was a frantic day (and he wasn’t going to be home late) but I wanted to spoil him with his favourite meat pie. So I dashed to the shops before a meeting, grabbed a coffee, raced around throwing what I needed into the trolley before my next job on the list. 

for the love of coffee

General Errands

I needed to go to a Post Office, and this time, instead of going to my local one, I decided to head out a little further from home, close to where a Piazza D’Oro café was. I ended up meeting a lovely lady in the post office and while I was there, I made a connection important for some projects I have coming up. THEN I went close by for a quick coffee stop. I ordered my regular, latte please, when the lady behind the counter said to me, “You won’t need to pay for that.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

She smiled as she replied, “Someone before you paid for the next 2 coffees so it’s already been paid for! 

Just a small random act of kindness, and it made my day! I said to myself that I would do the same at my next coffee stop.

for the love of coffee

Before School Pick Up

I had a small window before school pick up one day, and I dropped in for a coffee and a spot of window-shopping. As I promised myself, I also paid for the next person’s coffee whoever that would be. Pay it forward. Enjoy! 

for the love of coffee

Sporting Days

Our daughter plays a lot of Basketball, and many Saturdays will find us travelling somewhere to watch her game. On this day it was at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. I used the app to find a great café to help us through the afternoon and drive home. My husband and I were exhausted, and yet we just felt so happy to be together doing family things and this picture captures that. 

for the love of coffee

And so there it is: Don’t give up what you enjoy as a parent, live with joy and a spirit of giving and splash the beauty of it all everywhere you can.

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