Do You Want to Build a (Box) Snowman?

Do you want to build a box snowman

It wasn’t planned, but we seem to be decorating our home with a real winter theme this Christmas. First it was the warm woollen tree, then it was the glittery snowballs and today, three empty boxes lying around inspired my 10 year old to build a snowman! She really loves the construction process…planning out the materials she needs, breaking the task up into smaller steps and then finally building her masterpiece! Now that she’s getting older, she needs my help less which is great for her…and me 😉


3 boxes (small, medium, large)

White paint (we used left over house paint, acrylic is easier to clean)

Black poster paint

Brushes or roller

Craft glue or hot glue gun, double sided tape

Stones for snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons

Carrot (If using a fresh carrot, replace every couple of days because of the heat)

2 sticks for arms

Props to decorate, e.g., scarf, hat

Do you want to build a (box) snowman?


Do you want to build a (box) snowman?

Step 1: Go for a walk around your lawn or local park and find some stones and sticks. You’ll need these for the snowman’s eyes, mouths, buttons and arms. The 2 for the eyes need to be slightly larger than the other stones. Next, walk to the fridge and get a carrot…then maybe some chocolate…for energy 😉

Step 2: Tape all sides of the boxes closed and paint the sides white. We used a small roller which made the job a lot quicker! By the times she finished the last box; she went back and did a second coat on them all to hide any writing or pictures underneath.

Step 3: Paint all the stones black to make them look like coal. We used a disposable plate to make cleaning up easier! Leave the stones to dry for a couple of hours.

Step 4: Glue or tape the stones to the smallest box to make a face. We needed double sided tape to secure the eyes as they were a little heavy for the glue. We glued the smaller stones to make a mouth.

Step 4: Use scissors to poke a hole for the carrot (This is where she needed my help!) I used the same technique to make holes for the arms in the side of the medium size box. Glue the buttons onto the middle sized box.

Step 5: Decorate with extra props. We used one of my scarves and a Santa hat. I think he looks cute at the front door to greet guests!

Do you want to build a (box) snowman?

Could be a fun idea for a Frozen Birthday party prop too!

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