Easy Children’s Christmas Table

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How to Create a Fun Children’s Christmas Table

Kid Friendly Christmas Table

Christmas is a time for family and celebration. There’s wonderful opportunity to establish family traditions that are enjoyed and remembered for years to come.

Last year I worked with BIG W in the lead up to Christmas to give heaps of tips on how to make it special, including outdoor Christmas ideas and easy Christmas table centrepiece ideas.

I’m working with BIG W again, and this year I wanted to share with you how to set up a super simple, cheap and FUN Christmas table, especially for kids.

This time of year is busy, so I wanted to design a set up that was fun and effective, but also achievable. One of the things I love about BIG W is the variety, and I can get pretty much everything I need from there in one trip, from gifts to items needed to create this kids’ table setting. BIG W have a huge online store, a special BIG W Christmas Gift store, and of course the regular stores to visit, so there are a lot of options.

I love how this project came together and it really is so, so easy. The best things about this table setting are: it’s kid friendly, it’s open to a host of creative ideas, and clean up is simple.

Kids Christmas Table

Materials Used List

Brown Craft Paper

Permanent Marker

Packing Tape

Silver (or other colour) Spray Paint

3 recycled magazines

Pom Poms

Craft Glue

Textas or pencils


Heavy paper or cardboard (I used matte photo paper)

Small containers/tins

Plates, Candy Canes, Napkins, Cups, Paper Straws (in your chosen colour scheme)

Wooden Toy Trains (optional)

Other: Keep other fun items in a tuff tub, for example: chalk, water balloons, pipe cleaners.

This set up is affordable. The bulk of the items from BIG W came up to under $20.

Kids Christmas Table Idea - Train track on the table

I’ll break this down into parts to show how easy it is to set up.

1. Make the Magazine Christmas Tree

Got any spare magazines lying around? You can easily make them into table centrepieces, and all you need is spray paint. I folded the magazine into a tree shape (full instructions on how to do this are here: Magazine Christmas Tree), sprayed with paint and allowed them to dry before adding a simple pom pom to the top.

When I set the table up, I added a tub of pom poms on the table so the kids could decorate the tree themselves as an activity (I used craft glue; use whatever glue is appropriate for the age group of the kids).

Kids Christmas Table Idea - magazine christmas tree table centre

Kids Christmas Table Idea - decorate the tree

2. Brown Paper Tablecloth

I purchased a wide roll of Brown Craft Paper from BIG W for $4.00. For most tables, you will need two lines of brown paper to cover the table. Tape the paper under the table with masking tape and you’re done. The good thing about this is there is no washing needed, it doesn’t matter if the kids get mess all over the table…and it’s super fun because the kids can draw all over it if they want!

Brown paper works as a table kid friendly tablecloth and recycle magazines to make a gorgeous kid friendly table centrepiece.

Kids Christmas Table Idea

Another option I found at BIG W for a kid friendly table is these Christmas themed paper colouring tablecloths.

colouring in tablecloth

3. Set the Table

Once the paper is down, then it’s a matter of placing everything on it: Magazine Christmas trees in the middle, plates, cups, straws etc.

Kids Christmas Table Idea

4. DIY Placemats

Another activity idea for kids is to allow them to decorate their own placemats. Use either thick card for placemats or laminate them beforehand (if you laminate them, the kids will have to use only stickers to decorate).

Placemat, Plate, Napkin, Candy Cane

Kids Christmas Table Idea - make your own placemat

Kids Christmas Table Idea

Kids Christmas Table Idea

5. Other Fun Stuff

I used ribbons around little tins to put in the middle of the table and filled one with the glue and pom poms to decoration the tree, and the other with stickers and drawing items for the placemats (and the table).

Kids Christmas Table Idea

5. Draw the Train Track etc. 

After the table is set, draw a few fun things on the table with permanent marker. Below are a few fun prompt ideas:

  • Decorate the tree
  • Make your own placemat
  • Draw in train tracks (and suggest to make the train track longer)
  • Draw a picture on the table
  • Have a competition of the best Santa drawing

Kids Christmas Table Idea - Train track on the table

Kids Christmas Table Idea - Train track on the table

Kids Christmas Table Idea - draw ideas on the table

Kids Christmas Table Idea - Train track on the table

That’s it! The kids can go crazy with their own space and clean up is so easy! 

Kids Christmas Table Idea - Train track on the table / magazine christmas tree

Kids Christmas Table Idea - Train track on the table

Kids Christmas Table Idea - Train track on the table

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