Four Ways to Discover Your Family Home Style

Rebecca from Signature Homewares shares tips about discovering your family home style (amongst the chaos).

Does a sense of frustration wash over you when you glance around your home?   Your home should be a true reflection of you and the ones you love, but sometimes the practicalities of family life can simply take over. Many mums can fall into the trap of thinking “I’ll decorate when the kids grow up”. Decorating decisions are placed on hold as the fear of “it will just be destroyed” grips us. Like most things in life, there is that wonderful middle ground. A beautiful balance of looking after and improving our home, but also relaxing together at home. It is important for our children to see us being clever, creative and resourceful in our choices and thoughtfully piecing together a home that is filled with love and significance. This is a wonderful gift to give our children and will help build in them a strong sense of home and family.

There are several ideas to keep in mind that can help us define and own our sense of style.

1. Work out what you like

Firstly, go from room to room and cast your eye over the whole space; from floors to walls, lighting, furniture and personal touches. Make a check list of the features and objects that you love and then, the flip side, the elements you want to mask, enhance or simply throw out! Don’t be scared of the room looking a little bare for a while. If it doesn’t meet the criteria of function or aesthetics pop it on gumtree or ebay. Think about your favourite room in your house and consider why it appeals to you. There is nothing wrong in repeating the look!

finding your family home style

2. Be inspired

Create a file of beautiful images from magazines, have an ‘inspiration for home’ board on Pinterest and take an interest in architecture and see where it leads you. By organising your thoughts, your innate style, or a common look will flow through. Don’t be dictated to by one style or every trend; instead learn to trust your instincts and simply go with what you love.

trust your instincts and simply go with what you love

3. Choosing Colours

Choosing colours for your home is definitely a few blog posts in itself! Colour and your reaction to it, is personal and different in every one. Have fun with colour; trust your instincts and don’t over think it. You may love the colour yellow, but it does nothing for your complexion; but you can embrace it around your home through soft furnishings, a vase or some artwork.  If you’re looking for colour inspiration, the Design Seeds is fabulous.

finding your family home style

4. Dealing with toys

A toy explosion can be a major style dilemma. I truly believe that a home is all about authenticity. Not a toy in sight and a gleaming fridge stripped bare of all drawings and notes may look tidier but reflects little of the people who live there. Your home doesn’t have to be void of all style just because you had children! There are so many stylish options when it comes to storage and child friendly finishes. It is these personal touches that make a house a home. Here are some ideas:

  • Cushions in fun fabrics can be made out of durable outdoor, weather and spillage proof material and look fabulous.
  • Look for outdoor rugs (These recycled mats are great) as an indoor option. Then you can hose them off easily. 
  • Frame special drawings that your children have given you and hang them with an eclectic collection of ‘purchased’ art work and family photos. Here are some ideas on how to display children’s artwork around the home.
  • Find a saying or quote that reflects who you are as a family and print it onto beautiful scrap booking card and then frame it.
  • Read more tips for sorting and organising toys here: Tips for Sorting and Organising Children’s Toys.

Floor cushions can add a splash of colour to a room and are so versatile for reading, play and movie nights

organising toys -- floor cushion

Creating a home does takes time and consideration. You may not get the look you’re after instantly, but by exploring what is important and significant in your life your home then becomes a beautiful reflection of this discovery. Involve your children in this process! Spend time pouring over photos, remembering the holidays as you find that sandy bag of shells and rummage through the china cabinet together. By allowing these treasures to take centre stage, your home will inspire you and be a place that you can enjoy together and share with others.



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