5 Ways to Have a Holiday at Home

Rebecca from Signature Homewares is giving her 5 tips on creating a holiday atmosphere at home.


5 Ways to Have a Holiday at Home

There are have seasons where work, finances or family situation prevents us from getting away for a holiday.  I have a hunch that for quite a few of us switching into holiday mode while at home can be a challenge.  However, by adjusting our thinking and routine a little, we can experience the benefits of a holiday within our own four walls. 

1. Change your thinking

But what if I can’t relax when the house is a mess? (Me!)  I’ll relax when all the housework is done.  (Me again!)  This mindset can quickly dissolve the holiday vibe.  There will always be something to do; a cupboard to clean out and a painting project to finish, meanwhile the carefully selected holiday reading lies unopened on the bedside table.  You may have to remind yourself that it is totally okay to relax the standards a little while the kids are on holidays.  The goal isn’t perfection.  Everybody is different and finding that balance of what works for your family is essential.  The balance is somewhere between allowing the kids to relax and engage in imaginative and messy play without letting things go to rack and ruin and you then spend your days cleaning up after them.  Encouraging them to clean up as they go is a good strategy.  Have a broom, paper towels, micro cloths and some natural cleaning sprays accessible to them in a basket.  

2. Power clean

This concept really works in my household.  We have a team meeting outlining what needs to be done, then gather cleaning supplies, pop the kitchen timer on for exactly 15 minutes, crank the music up and hop to it! When you think about it, four people cleaning (flat out) for 15 minutes tallies up to an hour of total productivity.  It’s great for team building, and very satisfying as you can achieve quite a lot working together.  It also helps our kids learn to take a little more pride and care in our home.  Reward yourselves with a fun activity: a walk, a paddle pop on the verandah or a board game afterwards.  I also love a good potter and find it quite relaxing.  I go from room to room straightening up, opening windows and fixing little displays.  It is by no means strenuous but some care and attention has been given to my home and that makes me happy. 

3. Rejuvenate Outdoor Areas 

Another idea is to spend an afternoon decorating and cleaning outdoor areas as this can inspire you to use them more. 

  • Hose of the deck and outdoor furniture and oil them if needed. 
  • If your budget allows buy a new plant or look out for a hammock at Bunnings or on Gumtree.
  • Stack reading material by your chair ready for an afternoon rest.
  • Put a few lanterns on the table and have friends or family over for dinner.
  • Eating outside can help reduce mess and crumbs inside and offers a relaxed change from the normal routine.  

4. Enjoy using your best things

Treat yourself with some simple luxuries that you don’t have time for during the school term.  Invest in some soft bath towels, use the beautiful bath oils you were saving and make iced tea and serve with mint and little paper umbrellas.  Delight the senses with a special fragrance; lighting a coconut and lime or Caribbean inspired candle can be a great mood lifter and enhance that holiday vibe. 

5. Decorate Resort style

Create the look of a resort at home by changing your décor, just for the length of the holidays to make it feel special.  Fill vases and bowls with shells or coral.  There are so many budget friendly ideas on Pinterest for coastal decorating.  Incorporate some cool ocean blues and tropical greens into your living spaces for a fresh, breezy look.  To complete the resort inspired scheme add some textured accessories made from bamboo, wicker, sisal or jute.  Bringing the outdoors indoors, makes a fabulous tropical statement.  Some oversized palm fronds in a vase by the front door or frangipani’s floating in a bowl on the dining table instantly gives a relaxed holiday feel.  Next grocery shop pick up some fresh pineapples, limes or a coconut and have fun decorating with them before you eat them!

ways to have a holiday at home

When you think about it, what better place is there to be relaxed, create fun memories and simply chilling than at home?

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