DIY Small Doll Bed

How to make a small doll bed

Empty tablet boxes are a great size for small doll beds.


A piece of white paper

Textured paper (either scrapbook paper or just print a patterned picture on paper)


Paper glue

1. Wrap the white piece of paper around the box like you’re wrapping a present. This will become the sheets!

2. Cut the textured paper to size — one for the cover, and one for the pillow — using the box as a guide.  It’s a good idea to allow the cover to wrap around the box so you can fasten it with tape at the back. Glue the pillow on in place

Tips: The pillow looks best if the ends are concave (rather than straight) and you can add texture to the blanket by drawing a series of small lines at the base.

This mini project takes less than 5 minutes to make! Make a dollhouse too: instructions here: Shoebox Dollhouse.

Small doll bed using a pain medication box


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