Play Ideas for on the Go

I have Ash from Sinchies here to share a heap of play ideas you can take with you on the go, on a picnic, travelling, for a birthday party or even just for home.

There are so many ways to use Sinchies Reusable Pouches in the kitchen and while cooking and travelling. There are also super fun play ideas and uses for pouches that the Sinchies team (kids and adults!) and other Sinchies fans have come up with. Time to play! 

Play ideas for on the go with reusable pouches

1. Sinchies I-spy bag

Fill your 1L Sinchies pouch or sandwich pouch half full with rice or dry beans or lentils, or even sand, and some objects for your little ones to find. E.g. coloured buttons or counters, a paper clip, small toys, mini pom poms.  Make a list of what you put in so they can see what to find. Seal the pouch and issue the challenge! 

DIY I Spy Bag

2. The Sinchies Lab

Fill different sized Sinchies pouches with different coloured water for your little scientist to experiment with colour mixing. We do this in swimmers on the deck so no one has to worry about the mess! They can see what colours they need to use to make orange or green or purple, or brown!

Glitter Water Play

3. Glitter sprinkle pouches

Just like when we use a small Sinchies pouch filled with sprinkles to ice a cake to make less mess! Store the glitter in the 80 or 140ml Sinchies pouch and seal. Show your little artist how to sprinkle glitter out the spout! We hold our pouch horizontal to have more control. You can add a touch of glitter for a tub of water for some messy, sparkly play, like this time Kelly set up a magical waters for Barbie play.

Sparkle Water

4. Sinchies filled with foam paint

Sinchies can be used as a painting tool. Check out Paging Fun Mums Foam Painting Pouches.

5. Play dough, Puzzle and Craft Storage

The new sandwich bag is perfect to keep play dough in. You could even use it as a sensory bag before you take it out to play. Mess free squishing and hand strengthening at the same time! Here are six different play dough recipes to try: Play Dough Recipes.

Store all your crafty and scrapbooking bits in the sinchies reusable sandwich bag too – that way it’s easy to find what you need.

6. Party Favour Pouches

Fill a pouch with little toys and lollies for a treat that can be used again and again!

7. Bean bag pouches

Don’t feel like sewing bean bags? Just fill a pouch or sandwich bag with rice or beans. Great for teaching throw and catch with toddlers (just make sure the ziplock is tightly sealed!)

Meaningful Mama has a list of ten bean bag play ideas!

8. Mess free painting pouches

We love this idea from Mamma Smiles! Go one better and use a one litre Sinchies or a Sinchies sandwich bag and you can do it again another day! Fill a bag or pouch with paint and hair gel and tape it to the table. Check out the Mamma Smiles post here.

9. Sensory bags

Similar to number 1. and number 9. but have a look at these fantastic ideas:  Superfun sensory play for babies and up!

10. Busy bags

Fill Sinchies reusable bags with little activities for the go, for example, a paddle pop puzzle, Lego sets, card games, jacks, marbles, kits, loom bands. Then when you need to go to a restaurant, or school assembly or a waiting room, just grab a bag or two on your way out for some entertainment for little people! Check out this fabulous storage idea.  

Play ideas for travelling

11. Sinchies Salon

Make a home day spa! Fill a few pouches with diluted soap and some with lotion. Line up the dolls, or mums or brothers and sisters for some pampering! 

12. Pouches of Sand Mousse

Mix sand and dish washing liquid until it’s a frothy mousse texture. Fill a few pouches for some squishing fun. This is good for pouches that are really well used or stained and would normally be thrown out. You don’t really want to put food in them after this!

13. Cloud dough pouches

Mix plain flour and baby oil for a wonderful sensory experience! There has been some research into dangers effects of inhaling baby oil so you could use some salad oil if you prefer. I used 8 tbsp of flour and 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil and popped it in a Sinchies Reusable Bag ready for play time.

Play Idea - Cloud Dough

14. Clean Mud

Clean Mud is generally made with shredded toilet paper and soap but this recipe is even easier: Simple quick clean mud. I used 6 tablespoons of bicarb and 4 tablespoons of water to fill an 80ml Sinchies Pouch.

Play Idea - Clean Mud

Check out the variety of Sinchies products here: Sinchies – Reusable Pouches


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