Amazing Backyard Treehouse (and how it was built)

Amazing treehouse

This amazing treehouse belongs to Jeff, Ann and their three children. The fort of fun and adventure is sitting in the backyard of their family home in Binghamton in New York.  They were kind enough to allow me to share their project here, and I’m so glad because it’s inspiring.

It started with the tree.
“We have one tree in our back yard that split into three and we often noted that it would be the perfect treehouse tree,” Ann said. “Jeff started making plans in 2010 to construct one. We opted for a platform instead of an enclosed space, so it’s more like a tree porch than a house. I made the project way more complicated by suggesting beveled corners, but think it looks much more elegant.”
 Everyone pitched in to help
building a treehouse

Phase one

The top platform, rope climber, and swing was completed at the end of 2010.

Phase two

The lower platform, stairs, slide and rock wall was started in 2011 and finished in 2012.

Phase three

When the project was finished, the family invited friends over for a grand opening complete with ribbon cutting!

Grand opening!

building a treehouse

Added features

There are a few extra added features on the treehouse which make it extra fun:

  • talk tubes
  • periscope
  • bucket and pulley
  • trapeze
  • disc swing (which probably gets the most use of anything else)
  • bench

L to R: bucket and pulley, talk tubes, periscope, disc swing, trapeze

Fun things to include on a treehouse: bucket and pulley, talk tubes, periscope, disc swing, trapeze

The bench seas was made out of leftover wood and is a great place to have eat, read, or play games.

treehouse features

This, from Ann, sums it up perfectly.
This was truly a labor of love – our good friends Ed and Jen helped out every step of the way with construction – involving many, many hours of work! The treehouse definitely gets the most use when friends come over; we have casual get togethers often during the summer with s’mores and drinks. It’s so exiting when friends see the treehouse for the first time. I love the days when our kids will walk home from school with friends and will cut through our yard to hang out in the treehouse before heading home. I’m still amazed and thrilled every time I look at it!
Amazing treehouse
Amazing treehouse
Did I mention that Ann is an illustrator and blogger too?  You can read more about Ann and her family over on her blog, Hotcakes and check out her website Spotgirl.net for gorgeous stationery too.

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