DIY Googly Eyed Monster SleepShirt

The kids often wear my (or my husband’s) T-shirts to bed. I get it. They are so baggy and comfy! The kids needed more sleep gear, so this time, bought men’s size small white T-shirts (they cost $4) and we decorated them with google eyed monsters. The children are absolutely delighted with them! So simple to make too.


Big cotton white T shirt

Fabric pens

Fabric glue

Large googly eyes

Large book/sketchpad (or a large piece of cardboard)

Monster / Pac-Man Ghost Sleep Shirt

1. Practice the designs on a piece of paper. Simple designs tends to work best for younger children.  The two youngest decided on Pac-Man Ghost style and the older one did a mini monster. Use the googly eyes as a prop to practice.

2. Place a large book or sketchpad inside the shirt to make it easy to draw a design.  If you use a book, make sure you use a protective piece of paper over the top just in case. 

3. Place the eyes down on the shirt as a guide (don’t glue them yet) and draw the design on.  Short strokes work best rather than a continuous motion.

4. Glue the eyes in position.

5. Set the drawing by ironing on the inside of the design on the cotton setting.


  • My eldest did this too (a while ago), and the eyes stay on well, even in the wash (best washed in a bag).  No tumble dry.
  • Draw the eyes instead.

Googly Eyed Monster Sleep Shirt

Googly Eyed Monster Sleep Shirt

Great for

  • Sleepover party
  • Activity
  • Birthday parties
  • Gift for friends (give them pack: shirt, pens, glue, google eyes & write or type out instructions)

Update – 1 Year On

I like to update on some activities we do, and how they have lasted. With this one: all three kids STILL have their sleep shirts one year on. One of them went with my son to school this year for his paint shirt, the other two children continue to wear them to bed (the eyes are still attached and everything). They have been fab. Below is one of the shirts a year on (after many, many, many washes).

Sleep shirt

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