Dino Toy Planters

Here’s a cute project from Jill Lister-Martin. Dino planters! Jill is a mum to boys and blogs about her creative journey here, and you’ll also find her over at Facebook here: Happy Creative Me.

Materials and tools

Plastic dinosaur toys

A drill or something to put holes in the dinosaurs

Cutting tool- strong kitchen scissors or secateurs work

Paint (optional)

Small plants: succulents are good because they need very little care and can grow in the tiniest of holes


  1. Using a small drill bit, drill 3 drainage holes in the bottom of your dinosaurs stomach.

  1. Still using the small drill bit, put holes to mark the corners of the opening on the dinosaurs back where the hole for the plant will go. Put a line of small holes connecting each corner, these will work as guide holes for the bigger drill bit.

  2. With a bigger drill bit, re-drill each hole, if the holes were close enough together there should be the rough edge of the plant hole visible. 

  3. Remove any excess plastic with the cutting tool. Don’t worry if the hole isn’t a perfect shape.

Mini Dino Planters

Use a cutting tool to remove the excess plastic.

Dino Planter


The Dinosaur pot is ready for planting. I painted the dinosaurs red so they all matched, but they can just be left the original colour.

We chose succulents from around our garden. It was a good chance to really dig around and find little bits that had started to off shoot. With succulents, you can also break clusters off the plant and put them in the dirt to take root.

Fill your dino pot with soil and plant and remember to give them the occasional spray with water.

Tips from Renee from About the Garden

Garden soil is fine for this project, however, as the plants will be in such a small space, for best results go for something with a little more in it. I’d recommend the Searles Premium Cacti & Succulent Mix; it’s highly regarded by succulent growers. Where you position the plants will depend on how often you need to water them. Succulents are a good choice given they require infrequent watering. If planting herbs or small flowers, water every day (if not twice) to get them to grow.

succulents  - replanting

succulents  - replanting

Alternatively they make great lego men rides!

Dino Planters

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