Disney Characters in Regular Clothes

Pauline (who blogs over at Punziella) is a Disney-lover in her 20’s, and she draws very cool stuff. Like these popular Disney characters in regular clothes.

I asked Pauline about her love for Disney, her favourite chapter to draw and where she finds her inspiration.

Elsa and Ana from Frozen - illustration by Punziella

Jack Frost and Hiccup

Rapunzel & Flyn Rider

Merida from Brave and Hans from Frozen

Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, Rapunzel from Tangled,  Merida from Brave

Why do you love Disney so much?

Much like everyone else, I grew up watching Disney films. I don’t even remember watching them for the first time, just that they were always a part of me. I brought my laptop with me at school one time, and there I had almost every Disney films from Snow White and Seven Dwarves to Tangled, and my classmates were completely amazed with my archive! It got me thinking like, “Okay…So I guess it’s not normal to have all of these?” Because I really thought everyone else has them too! I mean, it’s Disney!

Who is your favourite character to draw?

I’m gonna have to say Elsa. I find her easy to draw compared to all the other princesses, and she’s just fabulous. I love dressing her up! Also, I can add as many sparkles as I can and I wouldn’t feel like I’m over doing it — haha!

You can find a video of Pauline drawing Elsa’s face in a video here. And Hiccup’s hair here. She mostly uses Adobe Photoshop CS6 for these types of illustrations.

Elsa - Frozen Illustration - Punziella

What got you started?

Just watching my favorite animated films and realising people worked on that, those are drawings. They do that for a living! How can I be one of them?

Where do you get your inspiration?

I absolutely love going through my art books! My favorite has got to be The Art of Tangled by Jeff Kurtti. There’s a lot of diversity there: you have Rapunzel traditionally drawn by Glen Keane himself, there are oil painting inspired concept arts, and heaps of vibrant graceful graffitis! It’s not hard to get inspired nowadays, just scrolling through tumblr is enough to get me by. 

The Art of Tangled by Jeff Kurtti
Elsa Frozen Inspired DrawingRapunzel drawingAnna from Frozen Drawing
The next step for Pauline is furthering her study in animition, and you never know, maybe one day she’ll even be on the team creating a Disney movie. I’m cheering for you Pauline.  
Pauline, known online as Punziella, does limited commissioned Disney inspired pieces from $20 and you can find the details here. How gorgeous would they be as a wall feature in the bedroom?


Printables – make your own Disney Paper Dolls

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