Easter Craft: Paper Easter Egg Basket

  Here’s a sweet paper Easter egg basket tutorial from Families Magazine.

Paper Easter Egg Basket

You will need

• Paper (the more colourful and bright the better!)
• Scissors
• Glue/sticky tape

What to do

  1. Cut out eight egg shapes of equal size. Use your first egg shape as a template for the other shapes. Draw free hand or you can find an egg template (different sizes) here
  2. Place your eggs in a straight row slightly overlapping with the pattern or coloured side of the paper eggs facing down.
  3. Stick the eggs together with tape or glue (tape is faster as you don’t need to wait for it to dry).
  4. Fold the bottom centimetre of each egg up (this is to help support you base when you add it).
  5. Bring your length of eggs together in a circle with the patterned or coloured paper facing out and stick it together.
  6. Using your outer egg circle as a template, cut a circle shape out of paper to make the bottom of the basket. Slip the base circle through the top of the basket and rest on the folded eggs at the base.  Tape all along the base to secure.
  7. Cut a handle for your basket and attach to an egg using tape at either side of the basket.
  8. Fill the basket it crepe paper, cotton wool, shredded paper, cellophane, or fabric. I used yellow crepe paper and then put in some yummy chocolate eggs! Simple, effective Easter fun!272

Easter Craft - Paper Easer Egg Basket


Use the same concept to decorate Easter bonnets. Tape egg shapes together and use as a band around a hat.


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