Frozen Blueberry & Yoghurt Kebabs

Frozen Blueberry & Yoghurt Kebabs

Well, this was a hit with my kids! They gobbled them up for afternoon tea. It’s a slightly different take on Frozen Yoghurt Bites I’ve made before. 

  • Kebab Sticks
  • Blueberries
  • Thick yoghurt – any flavour (Greek Style consistency works best)
  • Baking paper
  • Large container
  • Large plate

The good thing is you can make a batch of these delicious almost-icecreams and store them in the freezer for whenever.  

1. Thread blueberries on to the kebab stick.

2. Place on a plate and lather with yoghurt. Rolling the blueberries into the yoghurt works well.

3. Line a freezer safe container (large encourage to fit the length of a kebab) with baking paper. Lay each kebab down, allowing enough space in-between so they don’t get stuck.

4. Freeze for at least a couple of hours.

5. Eat immediately when removed from freezer.

Tip: I eat any left over yoghurt myself! Or you can make them into frozen yoghurt bites (see variation below)

Frozen Blueberry & Yoghurt Kebabs


  • I’ve made frozen yoghurt bites in mini silicone muffin trays before (see here)
  • Another delicious idea is to coat blueberries in yoghurt, plop in a baking paper lined (freezer-safe) plastic container and freeze.  They are yummy to snack on right from the freezer, or add to fruit salad.

Frozen Blueberry & Yoghurt Bites


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