Cardboard Roller Coaster

It’s one of those things you can whip up, the kids can play with it for a few days until it’s broken apart, and then you recycle it all. 


Cardboard/toilet rolls – make as long or as short as desired

Tape (sturdy packing tape works best)

Small balls

Large box (or you can just run it off a table)

1. Tape all the rolls together, barring one: cut that one in half to make two half cylinders. 

2. Tape one half on to the top of the box, and then join the tube on with tape.

3. Use the other half on the bottom of the chute and tape in place.

4. Put the box on the ground, or propped up on a table or books (depending on how tall you want it to be).   Have a ball race to see which ball goes the furthest. Other items like small cars work too. 

cardboard roller coaster

It works!


Made a roller coaster with toilet rolls and a box ???? #beafunmum #bafm_craft

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