Bacon & Egg Breakfast Wraps


Bacon & Egg Toasted Breakfast Wrap

This is one of our favourite family breakfasts for the weekend. It’s easy and quick to pull together. I’ve been using the Fountain GOOD CHOICE sauces for over a month now (review here) and I substituted the regular BBQ sauce I use for the no-sugar version.  This could even work as an easy dinner, served with a big side of salad.


Wraps (purchased or find a homemade version here)

Bacon (1-2 strips per person)

Egg (1 per person)

BBQ or Tomato Sauce

Grated cheese (optional) 


1. Fry the egg and bacon in a frypan.

2. Put a line of BBQ (or tomato) sauce in the centre of a wrap.

3. Once egg and bacon is cooked, place in the centre of the wrap. Add grated cheese if desired.

4. Fold both ends and then wrap the centre so the filling is fully enclosed. Serve fresh or toasted (see below).

5. Place wrap back in frypan and cook for a few minutes each side until cheese is melted and wrap is golden each side.

Bacon & Egg Toasted Breakfast Wrap


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    Bernie Clegg
    May 9, 2015 at 8:07 am

    Oh man! This looks so amazing! I think I’ll make it my new favourite breakfast in bed dish! YUM!!

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