Cute Toy Canvas for Tween Study Space

Miss 11 has a lot on at school this year. She’s thrown herself into many school activities, and I encourage and support that! The thing is, when there’s more to to fit in, there needs to be a corresponding higher level of organisation.  I remember distinctly going through a similar stage with my eldest daughter, where we had to focus (and refocus) on organisational strategies. Sure, the teaching starts early (and I establish organisation systems like this one for all my kids), but I find at this 10-13 age group, a need to focus on self-disciplined organisational strategies that my kids control. 

We have done two main things at this point: Look at her study space and form a weekly schedule by breaking down tasks into smaller sections.

Something Fun

I whipped up a cute toy canvas to add to her study space. She loves it. This idea could work with many different toys: matchbox cars, animal figures, LEGO etc. The only real defining thing is they need to be able to sit flatf-ish. 


Canvas (I found a black one but it can be painted any colour or use a common white one)

Strong glue (I used craft glue because these toys are light, but a hot glue gun works too)

How to

1. Lay the toys on the canvas and arrange.

2. Glue in place. Small pieces of LEGO are useful to help toys sit straight while drying.

3. Allow to dry for 24 hours and hang.

Canvas made from small toys

Study Space

We added the canvas to Miss 11’s study space to bright it up. A few plastic trays are useful for bits and bobs and it’s done.

The big thing we had to establish was a weekly planner, which essentially is the same each week and is sticky taped to the desk. My daughter did this herself and divided up tasks into snippets to do each day, allowing for after school events. For example, this might be for one day we are at home in the afternoon:

  • 10 minutes guitar
  • 10 minutes basketball
  • 10 minutes English
  • 10 minutes Inquiry 
  • 5 minutes performance reading
  • 10 minutes general reading

How she chooses to do all that is up to her.

Study Space / Kids

Tween Study Space

How cool is this journal?

Star Wars Journal

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