Adorable Bunny Hat for Your Eggs

You won’t need to prepare anything for this cute idea. Just print it out, cut out the hats and add them to the dippy eggs before you crack them open. So cute. Fun for an Easter morning breakfast.


Egg Bunny Hat Printable

Egg cup

Dippy Egg (tips here on how to cook it)

Non-toxic permanent marker



1. Print the Egg Bunny Hat Printable here (or click the picture below).

2. Cut carefully around the dotted line and measure around the top of an egg to size. Tape.

3. For an added touch, cut the bow and stick it on the outside of the egg cup with blu-tack. 

Just a bit of fun!

Boiled Egg Bunny Hat

Cute Boiled Egg Bunny Hat Printable

P.S. They are cute for Barbie too.

Barbie Bunny Hat Printable

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