Fly a Scarf in the Wind

I wrote out my Autumn Essential List (you can read more about it here) recently, and one of the items on there is a large scarf.  I wrap it around my shoulders in the mornings while I make breakfast, and in the cool of the evenings as I potter around. It can act as a makeshift picnic rug and a hug around my neck when the air bites.  The scarf can be a flag for the wind and the wings of a bird. It’s become an item that I particularly associate with Autumn.

One afternoon, I went to the beach with the kids to wander and collect beach glass and the scarf was a companion, adding value to the time.

Autumn Essentials

Chilling on the grass while the kids played in the playground. Then Miss 9 joined me.

Fun with a scarf

Miss 11 asked if she could use it for a while and she ran in the wind.

Fun with a scarf

As the late afternoon cool set in, I wrapped it around my neck. My daughter asked if she could take a picture of me.

This is it.

When your kids ask to take a picture of you.

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