Matchbox LEGO Beds

I adore matchboxes. They are super sweet and useful for all kinds of adorable projects (just Google matchbox craft). Creating LEGO beds is a simple way to use them in play.


Empty Matchbox (matchbox sized boxes are available at some craft/discount stores)

Matchbox template or wrapping paper



Matchbox LEGO Beds

  1. Print the template and cut out with scissors (or use wrapping paper).
  2. Wrap it around the matchbox and glue.
  3. I used a clean tissue inside the box for the sheets.  Fold about a cm or so over for the pillow, and then fold the base up, using the length of the box as a measure. Then fold the other way, using the width of the box as a guide.

Matchbox LEGO Beds

Other Ways to Use Wrapped Matchboxes 

  • Write little messages inside and give to friends.
  • Fill with jelly beans or wrapped lollies and gift as a party favour.
  • Place a small gift inside. For example, make a washer necklace and place it in a match box to give.

Matchbox LEGO Bed Printable

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