Paper Plate Quoits Game

Paper Plate Quoits Game

Image Julie Vigor

Julie shared with me this simple game kids can create from time around the house.

Paper Plate Quoits (or Coits)

What you need

Empty 1.25 L Bottles

Rocks or sand

Paper plates 

1. Fill the empty bottles with something to weigh them down like sand or pebbles and screw the lid on.

2. Cut a big hole in the middle of paper plates (and make sure they can easily fit over the top of the bottle).

3. Set the bottles and mark out a line where to throw them from. See how many you can get!  

Idea: Place bottles so there is a different level of difficulty and write the point number on the bottles with permanent marker. Could be 1 for the closest and 5 point for the bottle furtherest away.

Reminds me of a rope quoits game I received as a gift in my childhood. It looked just like this one and I loved it!

Vintage Coits Game

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