School Bag Station – Rubber Tubs

Since we’ve moved a lot over the years, I’ve had to establish, and re-establish systems wherever we go, depending on the spaces available.  At the last place we were at, I had a homework station which functioned well, and I wrote about my school organisation system here

The first school term is over, and I’ve had a think about how we use different spaces to keep our family running as efficiently and harmoniously as possible.  The garage has become an entrance area, (a Mud Room) and so I converted the side space into school bag station and it’s working really, really well! 

The children come home of an afternoon, take their shoes off and place them on the rack. They each have a tub they use to dump their school bags in, and they also use them to organise themselves for the next day. So if they have swimming, sport or library, they organise their gear the night before, and put it in the tub so it’s all in one place ready in the morning.  It’s not glamorous or pretty, but it’s functional and working brilliantly. Win.

School bag station

Rubber tubs for school bags

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