Toy Tyre Swing

We didn’t bring a lot of toys with us to this new place. It’s been fantastic. 

I noticed a spot where the kids often play outside and decided to put up a few toy tyre swings in that area. I did a similar thing at the last place we were at with a twig ladder and paddle pop stick doors on the backyard tree. It’s about extending play opportunities with the toys we have. 

The types are actually spares from remote control cars, and you can find them at second hand shops (on discarded cars) or at hobby shops for about $10 for a pack of two.

 I simply hung on a low branch using rope and left the kids at it. These could work inside too.

toy tyre swing

Fold a strand of rope in half, feed the loop through the tyre centre and then feed the two ends back through the rope loop.

Toy Tyre Swing

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