All Year Essential List

This year, I’ve had the opportunity to think of essentials items that bring value to family life. And not only to family life but things that bring me joy which then I can pass on to the ones around me. I recently shared the autumn list, and I’ll have my winter items up next.  

There are also key items in my all-year list, that are used during all seasons and they are below.

All year essentials

Rubber Tubs

One of the products that have become a central tool for family life, are rubber tubs. I use them for the school bags, for dirty clothes (I have one in the kids bathroom as the laundry basket), for clean clothes, for groceries, AND for family adventuring. I keep one in the boot of the car. When go exploring for a day, or even to just the beach, I put the items we need in the tub, which fits in the car, and then I can just take it out as needed. They are handy for making sure groceries don’t roll around in the boot too.

Rubber tubs are useful for the car. Keep the in the boot filled with stuff and it's easy to take it out.

Picnic next to the beach.

Rubber tub at the beach

Other mentionable items

Day Bag: I have a day bag for each of my kids and encourage them to pack it themselves if we are going somewhere for the day. Our family loves doing day trips as often as possible.  You can find more details about the bag (and what we packed for plane travel) here.

Sunscreen: Last year, someone gave me Ultraceuticals Clear Body Spray Sunscreen. I looked it up, and it’s really expensive, but excellent, and for my daughter who has sensitivity issues, it’s the only sunscreen I have found that she can tolerate well. 

Drink bottle: I’m a fan of Contigo drink bottles which I reviewed here. They don’t spill which is fantastic so I can throw it in the tub and feel confident.

White top: A white classy tee always looks good and you can dress it with a scarf or a jacket. It’s one of the items that are key for me all year round. At the moment I am loving a Metalicus Luna Short Sleeve Tee (pictured above).

Jeans: It’s worth hunting and hunting for a great pair of jeans. They don’t have to be expensive either, one season I found a $10 pair of jeans and they lasted me a year and fit beautifully.

Brown paper: This may seem an odd thing to have as a central item, but I always have a roll handy. I wrap most of gifts in the paper (decorate with ribbon, twine, or get the kids to draw on it as decoration), cover school books, and do craft with the kids. It’s handy and affordable.

Sunglasses: I buy cheap sunnies because I often lose them (or sit on them!). I also enjoy trying different styles of sunglasses so cheap sunnies suit me.

Gumboots, Raincoat & Umbrella: You can get cute gumboots and it means you can get out in the rain. As a family, we enjoy the rain, and will explore outside, rain and shine. 

Walking shoes: I like running and I am wearing Asics Kayano 19 shoes at the moment. Always good to have an active pair of shoes, all year!


All Year Essentials

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    Emma (loves this Shopping List Template)
    June 1, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    I’m so with you on the tubs! We have a stack of them. We use for our outside toys, our inside toys, kids shoes etc etc. They are invaluable! ANd you are right – the brown paper is so handy. My kids love to get a big length of it out and trace themselves and colour themselves in!!

  • Reply
    June 7, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    a great list.I am now going to hunt down some rubber tubs – such a clever idea. Hate things rolling around in the boot #grrr.

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