Cute Bottles and Purple Flowers

There are some things I don’t like to skimp on. Vanilla is one of them. For example, I don’t like using Vanilla essence in recipes (only extract or paste please!). Vanilla is just so-so beautiful and can be used in so many ways. I put a little on my dishcloth sometimes and it leaves a beautiful smell in the house.  

I’ve been making french toast a bit lately and have gone through a jar of vanilla, and the jar was too cute to throw out. So I picked a few flowers from the backyard and make it into a posy jar. So cute! Make me so happy!

Vanilla Extract Jar - Posy


Vanilla Extract Jar - Posy

Look how it fits in my hand.

Vanilla bottle vase

A nature collection sitting on my kitchen bench (acorn people and beach treasures). It’s the little things. 

Vanilla Extract Jar - Posy

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