DIY Doily Cupcake Liners

Who doesn’t love a high tea! It’s the pretty little touches that really do it for me. The tiny finger foods, delicious cakes and of course good company.

I recently hosted a high tea and was surprised at how difficult it was to find cute vintage looking cupcake paper cups that didn’t cost a small fortune at short notice. I was so disappointed, I really didn’t want to use the ordinary plain white papers from the grocery store and the pink pock-a-dot ones didn’t match my garden theme. So I got a little creative with a $2 packet of dollies, the end result was exactly what I was looking for, delicate and pretty.

Here is how to make your own! 

How to make lace cupcake liners with dollies


Paper dollies (approx.. 10cm width)

Silicone Cup Cake holders



Step 1. Make cuts into the dollies, evenly spaced around the circumference. Ensure you leave a good 3cm diameter space left uncut in the middle, as this is the base of your cupcake.

TIP: If you have a number of cupcakes to make, you can cut up to 5 dollies at a time. Dollies normally come stuck together in the packet, so just separate into portions and cut away.

How to make cupcake paper dollies

Step 2. Separate your dollies and push into the individual silicone cup cake holders. Due to the cuts, the individual papers should curve naturally. 

WHY SILICONE CUPS? I love silicone for baking. Not only do they save space in the cupboard, staking nicely inside of each other, they are totally fine to pop into the freezer! This makes them the ideal addition to my baking ware, as I freeze many items for my kids lunch boxes. I also found with this project, the paper didn’t stick to the sides, which one can expect with tin baking tins. 

Paper doillie cupcakes

Step 3. Pour in your cupcake mix (I used this cupcake recipe) and pop in the oven for approximately 20 minutes.

Step 4. Cool on a try when baked. At this point, I actually popped mine in an air tight container and into the freezer until required.

On the day of the tea party, I pulled them out a few hours early to start de-frosting. Whilst still cool, I decorated with cheesecake frosting, edible crystalised pansies, a pretty ribbon and platted onto gorgeous ceramics. My Mum, the cake and Cookie Decorating Queen, was so impressed, she asked me how I made the sugar pansies!  Feather in the cap for me.

pansy cupcake in vintage papers

Pansy Cupcake high tea setting

If you’re looking for high tea recipes, there’s a free eBook with seven easy to make recipes over at About The Garden Magazine.

High Tea Recipes

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