Milk Bottle Rainmaker

I almost threw it out.  We cut the top of a milk bottle to use the bottom half for a project the kids and I were doing. As I walked over to the recycling, I challenged myself: Kelly think of what you could do with this thing. So I made a rainmaker and it was fun! It’s become a backyard/bath toy.

Milk Bottle Rainmaker



Half a milk bottle (with lid)

Small nail

Sharpie (optional) to decorate

A fun rainmaker made out of a milk bottle. Fun of the backyard or bath.

1. Cut a milk bottle in half. The milk bottles I cut weren’t sharp so I didn’t worry about giving it to the kids.

2. Take the lid off the bottle, and nail holes in the top. 

3. Screw back on to the bottle, fill with water and it’s done!

This can also work with a small bottle (like a 600ml juice bottle). You don’t need to cut it in half, just punch holes in the lid and a few in the base of the bottle too.

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