Mothers I Noticed

Mothers I noticed today:

At the shops today, a mamma walked passed me with a baby of about three months old propped in one arm. She raised the little clenched fist (you know how little bubbas do?) and kissed it.

At school pick up I overheard a conversation between a mother-daughter duo. The little girl was about 4: she wore a small backpack, but was not in uniform. The snippet I heard was all about gym pants. Ha! The conversations you have with little ones! Yes?

While I sat under a tree waiting for my kids, a mother walked past me with a toddler in gumboots, “Rustle, rustle,” she said as she kicked the leaves beneath her feet. The child copied her.

Mothers doing what mothers do. The world may not notice, and yet to me, these things speak volumes. Never underestimate the power of connection, in the smallest of ways.

Kicking Leaves in Autumn

This is a little story I shared on my Facebook page. You can read the relevant discussion here.

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