Sneaky Date at the Waterpark

After a bit of blah week, my husband and I decided to go somewhere fun as a family. We googled an hour radius from our house and found heated pools with big watersides. Our kids adore the water so it was decided. 

It was pretty drive, and after sunscreening the kids, they were in the water with Dad. I read a book in-between glances at the fun my ones were having. 

After about 20 times-down-the-slide, poor dad had to bail because he felt queasy from all the waterslide turns. I laughed. He joined me at a picnic table about 5 metres away from the base of the double side. I watched water gush out of the openings and listened to the shrieks of laughter that came with it. Our four children were in pairs, the two older kids, each with one of the younger kids. Up and down the slide, they went, again…and again.

When my husband recovered sufficiently, I looked at him with a mischievous smile.

“What if we get some potato wedges from the cafe and see if we can enjoy them without the kids noticing,” I challenged.

He did a slow, slow smile and without a word, left me at the table watching the kids.

The next 20 minutes had us giggling. We strategically placed my handbag on the table so the box of delicious, hot wedges with sour cream could sit nicely behind it. 

“Hi sweetie!”
“Yes, you can go again!” 
“Have fun!” 

We waved at the duos as they came down the slide, and shared those crispy wedges as they ran up the (very long) ramp.

Can you believe it? We got away with it. These are the triumphs! 

“Quick, remove ALL evidence. ALL the evidence,” I laughed to my husband dramatically and watched him do a silly Dad-dance to the nearby bin. He popped it in — evidence gone — and punched the air in victory. It almost counted as a date.

We adore our children. We love sharing our life with them. And sometimes, my husband and I have little moments together, that remind us how it all began. This is family.

Making time for each other

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