Best Response to “I Don’t Know What to Wear”

There are some things in this parenting journey that make your mother-heart sing. Moments that help you realise there is essence there underneath all the chaos. This is one of them.

Miss 10 and Miss 8 showed me something they had been working on together. You see, Miss 8 was struggling to find “clothes to reflect something about yourself” as prescribed for the school concert. So Miss 10 said they could do brainstorming together to work it out. I only found out all this after it was all done.

They each used an A4 piece of paper to write and draw how they see themselves…good things.

Miss 10: Sporty, social, different, weird, friendly, awesome, bird-lover, imaginative, strange, messy, free, cool, likeable, wild. (I LOVE how she sees her unique quirkiness as a good thing! BEST!)

Miss 8: Sporty, pretty, social, cool, dramatic, wild, free. (I love that her picture of ‘free’ is with arms up in the a air).

Then Miss 10 together with Miss 8 found an outfit that reflected herself and Miss 8 felt so happy with it. Best solution to “I don’t know what to wear” that I have ever seen! My heart warmed at the reflection of sisterhood, at the representation of worth, at the undercurrents of beauty on this motherhood journey.

Best solution to "I don't know what to wear"

I originally shared this on Instagram and re-read it when I was looking back through old posts. <3

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