Colour Hunt: Purple

A colour hunt. This is a similar concept to a Rainbow Leaves hunt.  It’s simple and you can do it inside or outside. Just look around the house for items or toys of a particular colour, or my favourite: go outside and do a hunt in nature.  When you take the time to look, really look at colours, it’s amazing at what variations you can find.  Our house here in NZ has a lovely backyard, and take a look at all the different shades of purple, right at my back door! 

Simple fun with kids - Go on a Colour Hunt in nature

I use the Palette Picker App to pick out colours in my images like this.

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    Sam Taylors
    July 14, 2015 at 11:49 am

    I have a child who likes to sort clothes, toys, beads, books (you get the drift) into colours – it’s fun, until I can’t find items of my own clothing that has somehow made it into a colour montage in the playroom. I am taking it as a sign of future stylist/colourist in the making!

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