Colourful Water Play

I used to do this when the kids were little. I dug out an old pic from 6 years ago. Aww, bless! Look at them!

Colourful water play

All you need

  • Bowls or plastic containers
  • Food Colouring 
  • Water
  • Cups/spoons/plastic cups/plastic toys/paint brushes/spray bottle (things like that to add to the play)

Note: I only use a few drops so it’s very diluted and I don’t find it stains hands (unless a lot of colouring is used)


  • ‘Paint’ the driveway or house walls. 
  • Mix colours
  • General water play
  • Add plastic figurines. Could be a special watering hole for My Little Pony or Lalaloopsy dolls.
  • Add coloured water to a spray bottle and the kids can ‘add colour’ to the garden.
  • Hang up an old sheet or towel on the clothesline and the kids can spray or paint it with coloured water.
  • ‘Mix’ and ‘Bake’ the water with spoons.
  • Add sand, mud, flowers to make a ‘magic potion’.
  • Challenge the kids to make something pretty. Maybe float leaves or petals in the water.

Mixing colours

Easy play idea - Colourful water in tubs

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