Foam Flower Wreath

We have a stack of craft foam in the craft box; it caught my eye last time I was at Spotlight. It’s proven to be so handy for activities that provide an extension of play for my kids. We used it for mermaid peg dolls, a car wash for matchbox cars, and now a soft flower head wreath. 

This flower head wreath could be used for all kinds of things:

  • just for fun
  • dress ups
  • fine motor threading activity
  • birthday party craft
  • book week
  • play dates
  • hair accessory  


Craft foam sheets (I used sparkly ones)

2 x Pipe cleaners (chenille)

Single hole punch

How to make a Foam Flower Head Wreath

1. Cut out 10-12 flowers from craft foam. Either free draw, or print the template (there are 3 different sizes). For the PDF file, click the image below. Another quick way to draw the template is to hold a piece of paper up to the computer screen, and lightly trace the shape before cutting it out to use as a template. You can do this with any flower shape (just goole ‘flower shape’ or something like that).


2. Use a single hole punch to make two holes in the centre of each flower, the way a button looks.

3. When you have all the flowers ready, join two pipe cleaners together (I make two small hooks on one side of each pipe cleaner, hook them over each other and twist) and then thread the flowers on. This is a fun step for kids.

4. Once all the flowers are on, it’s a simple matter of holding the strand around the child’s head and fastening the two ends to fit.

My daughter said it’s comfy to wear.

How to make a Foam Flower Head Wreath

The dress and boots are from Pumpkin Patch: Houndstooth Skater Dress / Glitter Ankle BootCraft Foam Flower Head Wreath

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    Lesley @ early play
    August 3, 2015 at 9:12 am

    Hi Kelly, I love this idea fo using craft foam and have shared it on my facebook page and will do it at playgroup soon. I thought you were an Aussie when I saw how you wrote Colour instead of color. I live in Sydney and work in early childhood. Really great to find your site.

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