HUGE Colouring Pages

Huge colouring pages

These big colouring pages are something to keep in mind for the upcoming school holidays, as a novel gift idea coupled with drawing pens or to decorate a bedroom wall.  They would make a wonderful teacher gift too; all the children in the class could work on it, and get the poster laminated or framed for the classroom.

The posters are by OMY Designs and are made in France.  They measure 115cm x 80cm, come in 5 different themes, and are available over at CoolThings Australia.


  1. Cities – 3 to choose form: New York, Paris, London
  2. Cosmos
  3. Magic
  4. Pyramid
  5. Poster Play – less detailed for younger kids 

Cost $22.95

Nicole from Gateway Therapies tested a poster at her practice. She uses it in her Occupational Therapy clinic to improve low tone and poor posture.

Vertical work is awesome for helping kids with strengthening their upper bodies which is important for being able to control arms, hands and fingers for writing. The intricate designs are better for older kids that are  more competent with colouring.

Huge colouring pages

Huge colouring pages

Bernie from Making Rainbows used a poster at home with her daughter and loved the fun designs.

Huge colouring pages


  • Great activity
  • Portable
  • Beautiful gift idea (good for a class too)
  • Gorgeous designs
  • Wall decoration idea
  • Takes a long time to finish so it can be either brought out and done in batches on a table, or hung on a wall for drawing here and there.


  • The paper isn’t very thick, so if you over-colour, it may damage the paper
  • Designs are very detailed so more suitable for older kids
  • Takes a long time to complete


  • Get the family or a classroom to complete a poster, then laminate or frame for the wall. Fun joint project!
  • Gift with drawing pens.
  • Camping, travel, holidays activity idea.
  • Make a themed space: choose a poster theme, and decorate a corner of the room reflecting the theme.
  • Birthday party welcome activity. Set a table with colouring pens and guests can go and colour at the start of the party while guests are still arriving. Birthday person can have it as a memento.
  • Drawing tablecloth. Wrap a table with brown craft paper, tape the colouring poster to the centre and add buckets of pens. Good for a children’s table at Christmas and functions. 

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