Little conversations that make you think

I sat with a group of parents in a four seater on the bus. We were the designated supervision crew on a school excursion to the museum. In general chatter, I mentioned my four children.

The usual response I get is, “Wow! You’ve got your hands full!” or even “FOUR! Are you crazy?” I’m used to that (even though four kids was pretty standard back when I was a kid). 

But I didn’t hear that response this time. The mum next to me said, “Four! Wow, you are so blessed!” And she was so genuinely delighted, and it took me by surprise. It was just so lovely to hear!

I know a lot of the other comments are in jest, and I really don’t mind, but it’s just a very common response. Instead to receive such a genuine positive reaction was special.

It made me think about things I might say to others that are obvious, and probably unnecessary. It made me think about the words I can say that build up a person, rather than be that chip that wears down. It made me think about all the opportunities parents have to hold each other up. A salute, a kind word, understanding, graciousness, compassion.

Isn’t it good to have small conversations that make you think? Think for the better. That mum sitting next to me was the instigator. Passing it on.

children are a blessing

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