Jurassic World Inspired Cake

My 8 year old son seems to know a lot about Jurassic World considering he hasn’t even seen the movie (and won’t for a long time yet)! He’s hit a dinosaur obsession stage and it’s awesome. He asked for a Dinosaur/Jurassic World inspired cake, and we made a simple one and he loved it.  The idea was it to look like we cut a section of earth out of Jurassic World/Jurassic Park and plonked it down on a board.

Jurassic World Inspired Birthday Cake


  • Cake – I did a 25cm round cake, but this could work with any size/shape really
  • Dinosaur figure 
  • Toy car – I bought a Jurassic World Matchbox car for a few dollars on special
  • Buttercream icing – or whatever icing
  • Oreo biscuits – crushed in a zip lock bag
  • Green sprinkles – I used nonpareils but green icing would work well too (and be less messy)
  • Plastic foliage – I found these palm-looking fake foliage from Spotlight for a few dollars
  • Cake board – I find it helpful to use a cake board and if you get a study one, you can reuse it again and again

Jurassic World Inspired Birthday Cake

1. Make (or buy) whatever cake base desired. I always make the cake a few days before I decorate. After the cake is completely cool, I double wrap in Glad Wrap and place it flat in the freezer. Then I remove it from the freezer half an hour before I want to decorate and shape.

2. Ice the cake. I used buttercream icing.

3. Crush Oreo (or other such biscuits) in a zip lock bag and then press around the sides. It doesn’t matter if the ‘soil’ scatters because it looks effective like you have plonked a piece of land on the board (which is the idea).

4. Use green sprinkles on the top and press down lightly so they stick. This is the only particularly messy bit because the tiny beads can easily roll everywhere. Other options are to colour coconut for grass or colour the icing green.

5. Then it’s a simple matter or arranging the dinosaur/decorations. You can get cheap figures, but I used a Papo Spinosaurus Figurine P55011 (one of his favourite dinosaurs) because I wanted it to be one of his birthday presents to keep. I did have some chocolate rocks to decorate also, but when I came to arranging the items, less was more. One of the challenging things is finding a plastic tree to use that’s big enough, and I found the foliage at Spotlight. 

So easy and my son loved it!

Jurassic World Inspired Birthday Cake

Jurassic World Inspired Birthday Cake

Jurassic World Inspired Birthday Cake

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    February 14, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    I absolutely love your cake! I started looking for ideas for my son’s birthday (not until June), and I’m 98.7% sure I’m going to copy your cake. Thanks so much for your post!

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