New Playground – South Bank Parklands Brisbane

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When people ask me about visiting my hometown Brisbane and where to go, one of my top picks is South Bank because it’s such a beautiful spot for families. I’m excited to announce there’s a new playground being built that will make this already fab spot even more awesome.

New Playground

The new Riverside Green Playground is being finished at South Bank right now, and will be open from 3rd of October 2015. The plans look awesome! There’s even a mouse house wheel the kids can run in! Below are concept plans, and once it’s open, I’ll post a link of a Brisbane Kids review so look out for that.

Riverside Green Playground

New Playground Southbank Brisbane

New Playground Southbank Brisbane

New Playground Southbank Brisbane

Play Equipment

The equipment in the playground includes:

  • A custom boat with a slide attached. This is part of the toddler zone.
  • A swing set. This is part of the toddler zone.
  • A custom pink skywalk that is flanked by giant slides and a climbing net.
  • A belt bridge climb. This is allows children to climb up the land’s natural slope in a fun and interactive way.
  • A two metre wide slide.
  • A mouse house. This is a large wheel that children can run inside.
  • A supernova. This is a large, slanting ring that is set in motion by the children and allows them to turn, spin, balance or just enjoy the ride.

Little Days Out

Brisbane families, pencil early October in your diary to try out the new playground, and while you’re at South Bank, there’s the Little Days Out, the Parklands’ regular free children’s program. Below is some general information about the event:

  • Little Days Out is on every Thursday and Sunday from 9am-1pm.
  • The activities change every week and include arts and crafts, sporting activities, dance, theatre and more.
  • For more information, including the complete program of activities, head to visitsouthbank.com.au

South Bank Family Fun Ideas

There’s something about South Bank that encapsulates Brisbane’s charm. Stunning bougainvillea walkways, scattered food spots, weekly markets, various playgrounds for the kids amongst shady trees and the beach and water play area, over looking the river and city.   There are many ways to enjoy the spaces and below are a few ideas:

  • Catch a bus, ferry or train in which extends the experience for kids
  • Bring sand toys and play in the sand
  • SWIM!
  • Have a picnic
  • Attend a Little Days Out event
  • Bring drawing pencils and paper and sketch the city skyline
  • Make paper planes and have races
  • Cycle/scooter around and explore
  • Walk across the Brisbane River on the South Bank Walkway
  • Enjoy a BBQ dinner and admire the city lights

South Bank Parklands Brisbane

South Bank Parklands Brisbane

There’s so much to do for families at South Bank, and with the new playground going in, there’s even more to love.

Getting There

There is plenty of (paid) parking directly under South Bank, which makes it easy if you want to drive in. The last time we were at South Bank, we parked the car at St Lucia and caught the City Cat ferry, which was fun for the kids. There are also plenty of trains and buses available.

Check out South Bank’s website for more information and follow along on Facebook for up to date information.


South Bank Parklands Brisbane

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  • Reply
    kate @ livinglovinglaughing
    September 29, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    Oh this is exciting!!! We are heading to Brisbane in November and staying at Southbank so we will for SURE be spending a lot of time at this amazing playground. wow, can’t wait!!

  • Reply
    Julie Renalds
    November 22, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    We took our kids to the new playground and were amazed. It looked fantastic. Great high-up climbing, tube slides and a large hamster wheel.

    Fifteen minute later had crying kids with burnt hands, legs, feet and arms.

    Whoever designed the playground obviously forgot that Brisbane has a very hot sun and dark items in full sun will get hot enough to fry a egg.

    It is a good playground, but if it is sunny take some precautions. Long sleeved tops, long leggings/pants, good footwear and gloves.

    As the number of injured kids (at least our two on Saturday, looked like there were some more judging by the cries of pain) hopefully more shades will be put up. But certainly the folk who designed the playground should not be in that job!


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