Pirate Peg Doll

This activity is really very simple. Most of it is simply drawing details on. I gave it to my almost-12-year-old and she did everything herself.  


  • Felt (or light card)
  • Texta / Ball point pen
  • Wooden Peg (You can get them from places like Spotlight)
  • Craft/Hot Glue
  • Scissors

Pirate Peg Doll - so simple to make!

1. Draw a pirate hat shape out on felt or light card and cut out 2 pieces. My daughter free handed this, and you can find her template here if you want to print it.

2. Glue the two sides of the hat together allowing for a space for the peg head.

3. Ensure when you draw on the clothes that the peg is sitting  the right way. You need opening at the front/back (not the sides) so the pants look right.

4. Google pirate illustration inspiration and plan out the design roughly on a piece of paper.

Pirate Peg Doll Design

Tip: An easy tip for pirate pants is to do a zig zag hem.

Pirate Peg Doll - so simple to make!

5. Regular felt pens work well on the wooden pegs. When you’re ready to start, just draw! I’ve done quite a few peg dolls in my time and I have tips for drawing the face below.

6. Drawing the face isn’t hard, but it’s easy to make a mistake with felt pens for the eyes, and if you’re using a thick pen, it can bleed into the wood. I find either a fine tip pen or even a ball point pen works best for drawing eyes. 

Pirate Peg Doll - so simple to make!

6. My daughter added a red cape to her pirate too. If you want to make a mermaid peg doll, you can find the instructions here.



  • Make up a story at bedtime
  • Do a puppet show
  • Make a pirate ship out of cardboard
  • Make a stick raft (tutorial here/image below)
  • Just play!
  • Make a story board series using your peg doll. You can do this without any Photoshop skills by using PowerPoint. You can find the instructions on how to do this here. This is a great extension activity for older kids.

How to make a Pirate Peg

The kids and I made stick raft boats about 7 months ago and we still have them! They float too!

Pirate Peg Doll and Stick Raft

More Peg Doll Tutorials

Click the pictures below for more peg doll tutorials.

Mermaid peg doll

how to make a ballerina peg doll


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