Fingerprint Christmas Cards

Fingerprint Christmas Cards 

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas and what a fantastic way to get started is with some handmade Christmas cards for your family and friends. Use the little people in your house (and their fingers) to make the cutest cards to hand out this Christmas. And… as with all the craft I do, it won’t cost much at all! 

I love this as a gorgeous craft idea for my kids to do for their teachers as an end of year thank you gift or just to give something a little more personalised to their special friends. 

Even the littlest members of your family can get involved and contribute their finger prints while the older siblings or adults help put the finishing touches on their artwork. It is so simple but very effective. 

Fingerprint Christmas Card Ideas - more on the blog

Design Ideas

Here are some design ideas for fingerprint cards: 

  • Christmas elves (my favourite) 
  • Reindeer heads 
  • Coloured lights 
  • Christmas tree 
  • Hanging baubles 
  • Holly leaves 
  • Simple nativity scene
  • Snowman


Depending on the design you like, this is what you’ll need to create all cards in this post: 

  • Cardboard or pre-cut cards 
  • Paint – gold, red and green (or any colours you like) 
  • Black pen/sharpie 
  • Small googly eyes 
  • Craft glue 
  • Glitter glue 

Step 1 – Cut the cardboard to the size of the Christmas card you want. Smaller cards are better as they don’t make the finger prints look so tiny and keep them in proportion. 

Step 2 – Press your fingers (or your child’s fingers) in paint and press onto the paper. The pattern of the finger prints will depend on the design you are doing. Use brown or gold fingerprints for the reindeer heads, gold with green and red for the Christmas elf card. Use multi-coloured paints for the fairy lights card. Set aside and allow to dry. 

How to make fingerprint Christmas Cards

Step 3 – Glue on the googly eyes. 

Step 4 – Using a black pen or a sharpie, add the details such as reindeer antlers and face, elf hats, shoes etc.

Homemade Christmas Cards

Homemade Christmas Cards - Fingerprint Christmas Cards - Elves

I also added into this post the hanging baubles design which doesn’t have any fingerprints on it. I drew the circles using a cookie cutter, cut them out then asked the kids to decorate them however they liked. You could easily have your kids decorate them with fingerprints too which is why I included them in this post. I then stuck the circles onto a coloured card and used a glitter glue pen to draw the hanging ribbon. You could also use real ribbon and different sized buttons to make the same design. 

Homemade Christmas Cards

The possibilities are endless. Use white fingerprints to make snowmen, green fingerprints to make a Christmas wreath or tree or red fingerprints to make Santa. Start early and make all your cards this year or leave it until the Christmas holidays as a craft activity to keep your kids busy before Christmas.

Christmas Cards Using Fingerprints

Homemade Christmas Cards using fingerprints - Reindeer

Homemade Christmas Cards using fingerprints - Elves

Homemade Christmas Cards using fingerprints - Holly

Homemade Christmas Cards using fingerprints - Lights

Homemade Christmas Cards using fingerprints - Christmas Tree

Homemade Christmas Cards using fingerprints - Holly


Homemade Christmas Cards

Straw Christmas Card

Washi Tape Candle Card

Christmas Crafts

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