Family Christmas Tradition

Catching the train or bus to the Myer Centre at Christmas time has always been one of my favourite childhood memories. Going to the city was a big deal back then. We would wear our best clothes, and Mum would warn us to use our best manners! My mother and grandmother, two sisters and I would all go together. It was very much a girls’ day out. If we were really lucky, we would stop in at the Shingle Inn for a lime spider or go to Coles’ restaurant for pancakes with strawberry sauce. It’s one of the traditions I was adamant I would carry on with my children when the time came.
Just a little before my youngest daughter’s 3rd birthday, my mum, younger sister and I started again our annual Christmas trip to Myer – this time with our own kids in tow. That trip in 2011 was the first of many exciting Christmas adventures for my girls, aged 2 and 4, and my 2 year old nephew. A year following that, another nephew had arrived, and another two years after that, in 2015 my twin nieces joined us. By this time we were a crowd! 
Looking at the photos taken of our trips over the years, it reminds me of how quickly time passes, but also how rich and full our lives are. During the last 5 years we’ve lost a few dear family members, including my grandmother who used to accompany us on our trips to the city some nearly 30 years ago. Her memory is anchored in that tradition though, and I am reminded of her as I see the delight on my children’s faces as they experience all the day has to offer.  I rediscover my own inner child, and reignite my childhood excitement with the familiarity of the Queen Street Mall, the Myer Centre and other sights. And every year I feel utterly blessed that at the heart of this tradition is my family. My mother, my sisters and their families, and the connections to our past, present and future, that I cherish so much. 
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Christmas family tradition
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