Exercising at the Park

I got myself into a good fitness routine during the last six months which has been great! I’m feeling so well! However, there’s nothing that kills my fitness plans like a change in routine and I have a big one of those looming. I find it more challenging to exercise after I move location (which I’m doing again) and also during the summer school holidays. 

During these times, I tend to go back to what I often did when the kids were young. That is: exercise at the park (or do the same simple exercises at home).  The tricky thing for me is ensuring I adjust my expectations and remind myself not to underestimate the power of moving, even for 10-20 minutes a day.  

Below is a 15 minute exercise routine my group personal trainer gave me a few years ago (you can find the full routine instructions here). The circuit comprises of simple exercises you can do with no special equipment, and even sneak in a few while the kids play at the park. Another handy at-home fitness routine is one provided to me by Weight Watchers, and you can find the instructions here.

Exercise You Can Do At The Park

Complete each exercise in the circuit for 30 seconds.  Then rest for 2 minutes and repeat the circuit another 1-2 times.

Warm up

1. Beginner: Wide squats or Advanced: Frog jumps

2.  Walking push ups. Beginner: on knees  Advanced: on toes

3. Spiderman

4. Lunges

5. Tricep dips on chair or bench

6. Step ups on step or chair

7. Bicycle crunches

8. Bridge: beginners on knees  Advanced on toes

Cool Down/Stretch

The instructions for this routine are here: 15 minute circuit you can do at home.

15 Minute Fitness Circuit You Can Do At Home

With any sort of fitness routine, it’s advised to seek professional advice prior to commencing.


Health & Fitness – looking at my journey over a year

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