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There are a lot of fun way to turn your photos into fun and decorative features for the home. I like Sticky9 products, and there are many fab products in the range that make wonderful Christmas presents, including posters, tablet covers, magnets, magnetic wall framesquare prints and cards, reusable stickers and phonebooks
Featured below: Poster, Prints
sticky9 product review
I’m reviewing the Magnet Wall Frame today. The frame looks great on the wall and love having my favourite Instagram images on display. The wonderful thing about this product is you can easily change the images when you like with new magnets.
The magnet wall frame comes ready to hang and is priced at $113.99 (AU) which includes 9 images
Sticky9 magnet wall frame review
sticky9 Magnet Wall Frame Review
sticky9 Magnet Wall Frame Review


  • Unique and personal wall feature.
  • I love the idea of being able to change up the photos.
  • You can order a set of 9 new 7 X 7cm (large) photos for $26.99. Photos can be downloaded directly from Instagram, Facebook or from your computer.
  • The process for ordering and selecting images is super easy. You can click on your images once you’ve selected where you are uploading them from, and you can see immediately how they will look in the frame.
  •  I love how easy it is to swap the images around without having to remove glass or take the frame apart. The backing of the frame is magnetic as well, so the photos ‘stick’ as soon as you place them.

Super easy to upload images directly from Facebook, Instagram or your computer

Sticky 9

See how easy it is to move your images around


  • The picture quality is not as high as you would expect on a photo print, but the images are printed onto magnets so this is to be expected.
  • The magnetic photos are relatively thin. They are easy to move around, but I be careful not to move them around excessively or the corners may dog a little.

Wonderful gift idea for 

  • Teens and Tweens – add a voucher for fresh magnetic prints!
  • Family photos – as you change photos in the frame, start a collage on the fridge
  • Grandparents – send fresh prints a couple of times a year

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