Chocolate Heart Freckle Biscuits

I had excess melted chocolate from another baking project that I didn’t want to waste. My five year old daughter had helped me, and requested we bake some biscuits. I really didn’t feel like baking so I thought how could I use up the chocolate without having to turn the oven on and came up with this crazy idea of making chocolate heart freckle biscuits.

These do take a bit of time to put together if you’re working with a young child, but the activity was enough to make my daughter feel like she had ‘baked’ and gave us a special treat to eat. You can do the same thing and cover the entire biscuit with chocolate and sprinkles too.

chocolate heart freckle biscuits


Marie Biscuits (or any other plain biscuit)

Chocolate melts

Sprinkles or Sugar Pearls

chocolate heart freckle biscuits


1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a glass bowl over hot water in a saucepan. You won’t need a lot for this activity. It’s best for the chocolate to start to cool before using it on the biscuits.
2. Place a small heart cookie cutter on your Marie biscuit. We used hearts – but use whatever cookie cutter will fit on your biscuit.
chocolate heart freckle biscuit
3. Pour a small amount of the chocolate into the cookie cutter. Use the end of a teaspoon to spread the chocolate in the cookie cutter.
4. Sprinkle the freckles over the chocolate.
heart freckle biscuits
5. Remove the cookie cutter and place the biscuit in the freezer to set.
freckle heart biscuit
The shape may run when you remove the cookie cutter, but the kids don’t care. They will love that there’s chocolate and sprinkles.
heart freckle biscuits
After we made these biscuits, my daughter commented on how fun it was. We will definitely be making these again. 

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