Backyard River Play

Late one hot and sunny afternoon, the kids and I made a river in the backyard to float milk bottle lid boats. It was easy to set up and we had all the items needed already in the house.


  • Aluminium Foil
  • Hose
  • Milk bottle lid boats – see here for tutorial (blu tack, twig or tooth pick, paper for mast)

1. Take a long piece of alfoil and fold in half length ways so there is two layers of alfoil. So you need to have the piece of alfoil double your intended length of river.

2. Wrap one end around the hose.

Fun for kids - alfoil river

2. Carefully roll up the sides to create the river keeping it wide enough for your boats. Please note: alfoil doesn’t provide a perfect seal and there is often leaks and little holes can form, but it still works well so don’t stress too much. It’s just a bit of temporary fun.

Fun for kids - alfoil river

3. Make milk bottle boats (tutorial here).

4. Turn the hose on slowly until you have a nice flow down the river and float the boats! Adjust the water flow for a slower/faster river.

Here it is in action. 

Fun for kids - alfoil river

Fun for kids - alfoil river

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