Ceramic Braces for Teens

My daughter and I are excited to be working with 3M on a series of posts over the year as we review Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces. My daughter Pip frequently writes for me here, and you can read her posts here.

The application of braces can be both an exciting and daunting process. Pip has been looking at this for a long time due to her front teeth being crowded and in particular, one tooth (that you can’t even see) that sits back in the mouth producing a gap in her gorgeous smile.

braces and teens

Fortunately, there are many different options for braces, and with the advancement of orthodontic technology, choice is no longer limited to metal braces. This is especially helpful if you have a child who is concerned with how braces will look and we are going with the ceramic option that look like this:

Clarity Advanced Ceramic Braces

The main advantage with ceramic braces is they blend with the teeth, so you avoid that ‘metal mouth’ look. They also repel staining, so it means they continue to look inconspicuous. Each ceramic tile is a dome shape, which ensures comfort, and they are easy to apply and remove too. Even though braces blend with the teeth, most children enjoy changing colours, and that is still an option so kids can personalise and have fun with it!

That’s where PaintYourSmile.com comes in. Before their appointment, kids can upload their own picture, place braces on the teeth and colour them, or use the ColourYourSmile to see popular combinations.

Paint Your Smile

Head to www.paintyoursmile.com:

Step 1: Upload a photo (tip, show as much teeth as possible)

Step 2: Select the type of braces, and get started adding braces to the teeth! (Tip: don’t worry if the braces look too big or small on the teeth. Once you have placed all the braces on the teeth, just click ‘too small’ or ‘too big’ as many times as you need to adjust the size.

Step 3: Colour the braces and then save, print, or share with family and friends.

Paint Your Smile - braces and teens

Colour Your Smile

Pip already had a play with colours and picked her favourite combinations. She loved reading all the descriptions too.

Ceramic braces and teens

If you have a child who may need braces and want to know more about the ceramic option, follow along and I’ll document how it all goes.

To read more about 3M braces by Unitek, head over to the website.

This is a review post. You can read my review policy here.

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