The Cookie Monster down under

On his recent visit to Australia, the insatiably hungry Cookie Monster sampled some local cookies, including the iconic Tim Tam and ANZAC biscuits. But as he told Be a Fun Mum Writer, Cath, whichever cookies he’s enjoying, he always shares them with his Sesame Street friends.

Cookie Monster Interview

Pharrell, Cookie Monster & Elmo

On April 3rd, the 46th season of Sesame Street will premiere on ABC KIDS, and there’s a few surprises and changes in store for Aussie viewers.

After more than four decades of programming, The Cookie Monster has moved into a new apartment above Mr Hooper’s store, and he’s loving being “in the neighbourhood”.

“Me moved to new apartment above Hoopers’ Store and me love it!” Cookie Monster explains in his signature, gravelly voice.

“It got best view. And me right above Hoopers’ where they actually make cookies. They make my favourite choc chippie cookies there and me can smell them baking. It’s best place to live!”

Cookie Monster reveals that he loves to bake cookies, almost as much as he loves to gobble them up.

“Me love baking cookies! One of my favourite things to do!” he enthuses.

“But me have to practise self-control when me baking cookies. It’s not easy for a monster, you know, but me use good strategies. Me sing a song, or do a dance, or something to distract myself.”

Impulse control, following directions and managing emotions are just some of the concepts that Cookie Monster’s character addresses in the current season of Sesame Street.

Cookie also gets to practise his self-control when working as a waiter on The Furchester Hotel in London.

“Me in charge of bringing food from kitchen to table,” he says. “It not easy job for Cookie Monster… But me practise self-control and me get the food there most of the time!”

Cookie Monster Smart Cookie

Another change to look for is a new segment called “Smart Cookies”, where Cookie Monster and a team of crime-fighting cookie friends are on-call, day and night, to thwart the continued efforts of The Crumb, a villain with many tricks up his sleeve.

 “It kinda crazy, that they paired me up with cookies, because me have to try so hard not to eat my cookie partners,” Cookie Monster jokes.

“But again, me practise self-control and me get through it. Me pretty smart cookie!”

Sesame Street fans will also notice there’s a new cast member, Nina; a new theme song; shorter, 30-minute episodes; and a revamped set, revealing more of Sesame Street than ever before. Oh and Oscar’s can has been moved to a more central location so he can add grouchy commentary to any situation!

Before he leaves Australia and returns to life on Sesame Street, I advise Cookie Monster to try an Aussie tradition, the “Tim Tam slam”.

“Me heard about Tim Tam slam – Me got to give that a try,” he agrees.

“Me also love to dunk cookies in a glass of milk. Cookies and milk is perfect combination.” I think most Aussie kids would agree.

But what about the question on everyone’s lips? Does he get frustrated when the cookie seems to be crumbling and spilling everywhere, and totally missing his mouth?

“Oh but me love that!” he exclaims.

“That me eating style, me cookie eating technique! Me make a big mess. That’s how me enjoy cookies the most. Yep, that me thing, and me go ‘nom nom nom nom nom’.”

Cookie Monster Biscuits

The 46th season of Sesame Street with Cookie Monster, Elmo and the entire gang premieres on April 3rd with The Cookie Thief special, followed by new episodes every weekday morning on ABC KIDS at 9am and 12noon. The new episodes are also available anytime on ABC iview and ABC KIDS iview.

Bake a Cookie Monster recipe at home!

You can bake one of Cookie Monster’s tried and tested cookie recipes at home, using this simple recipe that was first published in Big Bird’s Busy Book in the 1970s. As Cookie Monster would say: nom nom nom! This cookie dough can be used as a base for heaps of different recipes. Once you’re ready to bake, add choc chips or anything else, and back in a moderate 180°C oven for about 15 minutes, until slightly golden. Allow cookies to cool on a rack for 15 minutes.

Cookie Monster Famous Cookie Dough Recipe - first published in Big Bird’s Busy Book in the 1970s
A Special Greeting for Be A Fun Mum from Cookie Monster

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