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Free Word game for kids - over 20 pages

Mastering spelling, learning sight words and developing other literacy skills is a big job for kids in the early years at school. You might find you are just as daunted as they are by the big list of words they bring home, and you might be thinking – where do we start?!

It’s amazing how many kids just glaze over once they see lists of words on paper, or when you place a pencil in their hand. They seem to get the idea early on that this is what ‘work’ looks like, and usually ‘work’ means playtime is over. The result may be anything from passive resistance to flat out rage. Well that’s about to change!

These FREE printables have been created especially for Be a Fun Mum readers, and are word games that aim to help make learning literacy skills more fun. Print out the instructions and accompanying sheets, and follow the directions. It’s that easy!

Nicole from Gateway Therapies

1. Sight Word Detective

See how many words you can spy on the game sheet. Some are hiding in tricky places. How many words can you find before time runs out? All words will score a point, but sight words get bonus points!

2. A Quick Word

How many different things can you think of that start with the same letter? You have a list of ten things to think of an answer for, and you have to think quickly. Time is ticking.

3. Picture This

Put pen to paper and get drawing! This is a game of fast drawing and good guessing. Put those motor and visual processing skills to the test. Fun for all ages.

The instructions include bonus tips on how each activity can be modified or extended to incorporate other skill areas important for learning such as visual processing, fine motor skills including handwriting, attention and concentration, and auditory processing.

Multi-sensory learning can be incorporated by:

  • Using coloured and/ or textured paper for the printables
  • Writing using a variety of pens and other media
  • Change the environment in which you are playing the games. Throw a picnicrug outside and sit in the yard, or stand around the kitchen bench while munching on afternoon tea.


Age suggestions accompany each activity, however you know your child best. Use these suggestions as a rough guide. Below is a snapshot of the 29 page printable which you can access by clicking the picture below or clicking here.

Word Games

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