Snake on a Stick Craft

Have you noticed how much kids love to collect sticks and leaves when they go for a walk to the park or when dropping siblings to and from school? My youngest two daughters LOVE to pick up sticks and drag them on the path as they walk home. Sometimes they place them in a pile at home to create an imaginary ‘camp fire’. With this mass accumulation of sticks at home, I thought it was time to get creative and think of a craft to put them to even better use. The craft had to be easy for my three year old to do, so I came up with this snake on a stick craft.

snake on a stick craft

Fun For

  • Imaginary Play
  • Puppeteering
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Just for Fun


  • Sticks
  • Pipecleaners
  • Pompoms
  • Craft Glue
  • Googley Eyes
snake on a stick craft materials


snake on a stick craft

1. Grab your stick and loop a pipe cleaner around one end and loop it around the stick until it’s completely wrapped around the stick.
2. Wrap another different coloured pipecleaner for an interesting colour palette.
3. Glue on a pompom for the head.
4. Add googley eyes to the pompom
5. Name your snake on a stick

snake on a stick craft

snake on a stick craft

snake on a stick

snake on a stick craft
My three year old found it hard to weave the pipecleaner around perfectly, but the imperfect wrap makes the craft that little bit more real life. (Can you tell, her’s is the bottom one with the pink head.)

snake on a stick craft

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