Fairy Tree Play Space

Fairy Door Outdoor Play Space

You can get Fairy doors like this from many different places like The Fairy Door Store or Delightful Rainbow. The fairy doors are all kinds of magical cuteness, sure to stimulate imaginative play for kids. You can add them to a section of wall inside the house, or find a cute tree outside to fix it. If using outside, I would recommend painting the door with a weather proof varnish. I’ve used Jo Sonja’s Gloss Varnish – Indoor & Outdoor Use before on our Rainbow Pots with great success. Find the post here, and then many months later here.

Fairy Tree for Play


Fairy Door


Decorative stones

Fairy or small doll

Ribbon or streamers (optional)

To set up this this play scene, I placed a few shells and decorative stones at the base of a tree.  I also tied a few ribbons on the tree branches above the door, and it looks truly magical! I wish I could describe the gasp of delight from my daughter when she saw this.

Fairy Door Outdoor Play Space

Fairy Door Outdoor Play Space

Fairy Door Outdoor Play Space

We added to this same tree later by making a twig ladder and you can find the tutorial here: Twig Ladder for Toys. Another idea is to add a few accessories from a Fairy Garden store like the ones below from My Little Fairy Garden to build the space for imaginative play. Little dolls like Tinker Bell or plastic figures dolls are great. fairy garden accessories

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