Madagascar/King Julien Themed Birthday Party

The All Hail King Julien Netflix series is dominating the screen time in our household at the moment, which makes a pleasant change from watching the original Madagascar film over and over again!

All Hail King Julien

Now in its third season, All Hail King Julien is a prequel to the story-line of Madagascar and is based around the eternally self-centred lemur, King Julien, his second-in-charge, Maurice, and the lovingly devoted lemur with the big eyes, Mort.

There’s a number of new characters too that make an appearance in this hilarious, Emmy-Award-winning, Netflix original series, rated PG.

I think the reason it goes down so well in our house is that the setting and characters are already known and loved, thanks to the original Madagascar movie, and its humour offers something for all ages. Even I can’t help but laugh out loud at some of the implied gags that sometimes go over the kids’ heads.

With such a big following, it’s only a matter of time before someone asks for an All Hail King Julien themed birthday party. Here’s some ideas for a jungle themed party that any child will love.

Madagascar/King Julien Themed Birthday Party

Jungle themed decorations

  • Use chalk to draw animal footprints, leading the way to the party
  • Hang green streamers to make jungle vines
  • Cover the tables with brown paper, and provide crayons in paper cups
  • Decorate the party area with real leaves, vines, palm plants and fronds
  • Place coconuts and pineapples around as a decoration that can be eaten later
  • Arrange bunches of helium balloons in jungle themes and colours

king julian party ideas

Jungle themed food and drinks

  • Pineapple and banana smoothies
  • Jungle punch (recipe below)
  • Mango salsa with corn chips 
  • Jungle jelly with layers of colours
  • Jungle shaped biscuits
  • Cupcakes with themed toppers
  • Popcorn
  • Tropical fruit salad

Punch Recipe

Jungle games and activities

  • King Julien dance off – download some of the King Julien/Madagasgar tunes (“I like to move it, move it” comes to mind!) and get the kids dancing. A game of statues using the themed music would work well too. Each time the music stops, ask the kids to pull their funniest King Julien pose!
  • All Hail King Julien word search – the first to complete it is the winner!
  • Lemur toilet paper roll craft
  • Watch an episode of All Hail King Julien to calm the kids down before the parents come to collect them! The episodes are short enough to keep their attention despite the excitement of the party.
  • Fossa red rover – the fossa are the bad guys that want to eat the lemurs. Start with one fossa in the middle who calls over the lemurs. As the lemurs try to get past the fossa, any that are tagged become fossa too. The last surviving lemur is the winner.
  • Contruct King Julien crowns and hold a hat parade. Download this simple cone hat template and follow the instructions below.

King Julian Crown - Make
Screen Shot 2016-07-006

Jungle party/loot bags

  • Brown paper bags tied up with string
  • King Julien Tic Tac Toe game
  • Colourful flower leis
  • Spearmint leaves and jelly snake lollies
  • Stretchy toy gecko (like the one King Julien wears on his crown)

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